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Who we are?

eturf ® has been the market leader in quality artificial turf installations in India since 1999. Our synthetic grass installations are of the highest quality, and we consistently endeavor to exceed our customers’ expectations. You can count on eturf ® to deliver only the best products and services!
We build artificial grass systems for residential households, businesses, sports grounds, and more.

What we are capable of?

From lawns to cricket ground, we can help you turf it all. Let us help you to start planning your dream artificial grass field, garden, balcony or lawn now.

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Why eturf ®

eturf ® is an internationally most trusted and pioneer brand in artificial grass industry and is brought in India by Evergreen Bamboo India Pvt. Ltd.. eturf is the most premium quality artificial grass for any kind of rough and tough use, easy to install and is made out of high quality synthetic yarn, it can resist aggressive usage without any requirement of irrigation, mowing and weeding or pesticide / pest control and it works out to be very economical too. eturf is superior and aesthetically pleasing compared to natural grass.

Our Grass is certified eco-friendly, no chemical, UV protected, lead & odour free, pet friendly and top of that especially the backing of Grass is double “Anti-aged PP non-woven cloth, UV stabilization” plus ” BSF Synthetic latex “, which is more superior in water resistance and fastness than SBR Latex which is used by most of the Grass/turf manufacturers world over. The “LED FREE, highly non-flammable and eco-friendly” usual for in three factors: Heavy metals, Fire Resistance and UV Resistance.

Quality has been the guiding principle of our organization. eturf complies strict International Standards and has FIFA approved quality mark & ascertains ISO 9001: 2008 Certification.

Having 22 years of experience, we are the pioneer of introducing the concept of artificial flowers, plants, vertical gardens and artificial grass in India. We have a strong distributors and dealers network across India. Adding feathers to the cap, we are the one to launch the very first single stem imitation flowers concept and, in 1999, we launched the imitation vertical garden concept, which has become a sensation in India now.

At eturf, your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we make sure that you get the best of the services. Our team has created a simple process to help you pick your choice of artificial grass, flowers, etc., and find the best rates. If you’re still unsure of which product you need or have any artificial grass-related queries, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

We have various quality in artificial grass at best price, depending on the use and type of application like for home, hotel, indoor, landscape, living room, office, shop, and sports etc.

Our Synthetic Grass Range:

  • 10mm Artificial Grass
  • 10mm Cricket Turf
  • 15mm Multisport Artificial Grass
  • 20mm Artificial Grass
  • 25mm Artificial Grass
  • 30mm Artificial Grass
  • 40mm Artificial Grass
  • 46mm Artificial Grass
  • 50mm Artificial Grass
  • 52mm Artificial Grass 
  • 62mm Artificial Grass

Here are some more reasons to believe:

Tailored Solution!

We care every bit of your requirement to design and execute an incredible setup at your doorstep.

Wide Assortment

We have the widest range of collections from artificial plants to artificial vertical gardens, plants, etc.

Affordable Pricing

We have the most competitive rates for artificial grass and plants for the offered quality.

Highest Quality

Our 22-year tradition and the core of our success is delivering the best quality. We never compromise when it comes to quality!

Easy Process

We are a process-driven firm that strives to meet defined benchmarks while making them as simple as possible for our clients.

Product Warranty

We have up to 5 years of warranty* on selected products. For more information, please check with our customer support team.

*T&C Apply

Dogs & Pets Solution

When it comes to pet products, eturf synthetic grass is the best and safest option. Our Pet Grass is suitable for all types of pets, from little to large. We at eturf are familiar with all of your pet and pet owner demands.


The appropriate answer for commercial landscape applications is eturf ® artificial grass. eturf’s commercial grass options have shown to be the prudent choice for businesses and contractors wishing to save money, valuable resources, utilities, and maintenance expenses on everything from common areas to extensive landscape designs.

Roof, Deck & Patio

Isn’t the roof the last place someone would expect to put grass? Consider putting grass on your deck, patio, or even around your pool. eturf converts these spaces into lovely outdoor living spaces, improving your quality of life by making them more useable and functional. eturf’s innovative solutions provide up a world of possibilities for employing grass in previously unimaginable ways.

Play Areas

Nothing is more important to you than the protection of your children. When it comes to choosing the ideal play set, the most important factor to consider is safety. Consider the playground surface beneath your child’s playset after you’ve chosen it. The majority of playground injuries come as a result of a fall on abrasive, harsh, or just dangerous surfaces. This is where eturf’s experience comes in. The s is our name. We have the safest, most consistent playground surface anywhere.


Maintaining a healthy lawn involves money and time no matter how you look at it. Watering your grass, for example, accounts for almost 70% of your monthly water bill. Fertilizers keep the grass green, but not your wallet’s inner pocket. Lawn care services are convenient, but they aren’t cheap. If you don’t have a service, you’ll waste weekend time, pay high fuel rates, and maintain expensive lawn equipment if you don’t have one. What is the value of that?
It’s time to get rid of your exorbitant water bills, maintenance costs, and lawn service. It’s time to give your landscape some eturf.

Vertical Gardens

The artificial vertical gardens look like they are gravity-defying , awesome and that’s what makes them so interesting and novel. They are perfect to revamp a space and they not just cover flaws but make an area eye-catching. All that is required is wall or ceiling space. Even Vaastu & Fengshui recommends it as it creates positive vibes in and around the area and can be substituted for wallpapers or wooden paneling.

Customer’s Testimonials

The performance of the product has exceeded our expectations even after 2 years of intensive usage. I installed the Eturf artificial lawn 2 years back, and I am pretty much satisfied with the performance and durability.

Rajesh Bansal

My rooftop looks like never before with the soothing green grass after installing Eturf. Now I thoroughly enjoy my time at my rooftop. The sheer comfort in walking on Eturf artificial grass is incredible.

Sukhwinder Singh

I had natural grass in my balcony with a lot of problems. Installing Eturf has not only given me peace of mind in terms of no leakage but the maintenance-free nature and natural appeal have made it a wonderful experience.

Vinod Kumar

Our Projects​

Artificial grass


We are India’s largest artificial grass and synthetic turf provider for both residential and commercial landscaping be it B2C or B2B projects. We are committed to offering only the highest quality of synthetic grass in the market since our inception in the 1990s. Some of the applications in which we have expertise include homes, businesses, golf courses and putting greens, dog facilities and day-cares, kindergartens, sports fields, cricket turfs, and more.


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